Challenge 21

With the summer coming up, fast I may add, I'm start thinking on my body and anll the "crap" I put on it... In the last years I'm trying practicing a healthier lifestyle, doing more exercise and eating better, but I just love chocolate, cakes, GUMS, and pretty much everything that has sugar in its composition, I'm a sweet girl :)

Obviously with all the sugar comes some undesired bumps and lumps that always peeking out from summer clothes, not to mention the most loved/hated summer piece: the BIKINI!!!
With that in mind I decided that it's time to take action!
After reading somewhere (sorry I really don't remember where) that it takes 21 days to acquire an habit, I decided to invert it and try to SURVIVE 21 days "without" sugar :O :O :O maybe it sticks...
Wait, wait, wait, don't panic, this is not the beginning of a food disorder, I'm still going to eat some sugar, like the natural sugar present on fruits, but the artificial sugar will be scratched off my diet at least for 21 days, but who knows? Maybe it becomes a habit and I'll do it for long time...

For now I'm eating my last chocolate bunny from Easter, and preparing a calendar to start scratching tomorrow :'(

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