#5 - Puzzling


I just loooooove puzzles, ye ye I'm a geek :p

.... makes me happy!


#4 - Sweet snack


Blueberry macaroon <3

... make me happy!

Ear cufs

It's not the exact same one, but it is equally gorgeous :) and the pair is just a little moon.


#3 - Watch a Disney movie


I love animation movies, and Disney movies are a classic, this afternoon was well spent watching Frozen, a princess movie I was eager to see...

... makes me happy!

#2 - Eating clams


I'm absolutely crazy about shellfish, especially clams with toast...

... makes me happy!

#1 - Watch the Sunset


Every year on the January 1st I go to the beach, this year I was lucky enough to catch the sunset, always an amazing feeling...

... makes me happy!

Ear cufs

In love...

Because I'm Happy...

Sometimes life it takes you by the hand,
It puts you down before you know it
It's gone and you're dead again.
Foster The People, Helena Beat 

Sometimes life makes you forget what really matters, the things that really make you happy, so... just don't let her!!!

Be HAPPY 365 days a year :)